Owen Huw Myers

January 27, 1955 to October 25, 2019


His Welsh heritage might explain his gregarious talent for storytelling. He was a bard with cutting wit, insight and kindness. He was always sharing his Buddhistic view of life with whomever he met. He had a global view of the world that he shared with friends, family and strangers, but it was always centred on the province he loved, Newfoundland.

Owen never followed a traditional path, eschewing university for living in India and then on Hippy Hill in the Queen Charlottes, being self-sufficient and self-taught. He was a voracious reader, giving away hundreds of books to share his enthusiasm for new ideas, history and philosophy.

Owen was an avid salmon angler who could dig out a fish from any river, particularly his beloved Little Salmonier, a rugged and wild place. He was an accomplished boatman earning the sobriquet of a seadog of Fortune Bay and was never happier than with friends at Tickle Beach.

Dreams and ideas were everything to Owen – in many ways he lived his wife’s nickname of ‘Why not?’ and no matter what happened he was irrepressible!

By friends he was described as a force, a rare bird, and a lovely man and a gentleman.

He was a passionate advocate for outdoor rights, preservation of wild salmon and the NL fishery.

Later in life, after years at sea as a fisheries guardian and iceberg manager, Owen became a lawyer and took to heart the duties of a principled officer of the court. He retired in 2018 after his last successful case as a private citizen standing up for the survival of wild salmon.

His irrepressible spirt and brilliance will be missed by his beloved wife, Anna Myers, step-daughter Henny Buffinga and her husband, Andrew Ward. He is survived by his 101-year old mother, Mrs. G. Myers.

As he was fond of quoting: “From the first not a thing is.”



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A final remark on the anniversary of this pitiful man’s demise:

A simple google search of this guy over the years helps to bring truth to the nonsense spouted in this obituary.

Every person in the comments below who belched out these nonsensically glowing remarks about him (especially those who should know much better, who WERE harmed by him, who know his kids and how he treated them, and should have had the sense to just say nothing) should check it out.

The many people who haven’t posted here, whom he hurt, manipulated, stole from, lied to, and otherwise harmed in his so called “career” and “wonderful life” will understand what I mean.

He left me nothing and never gave me anything, and ruined my childhood and my feeling surrounding a wonderful province. This is the only way I can have a voice in any of it. It’s a tiny, inconsequential thing but if anyone reads it it means something.

To reiterate one last time: Fuck Owen Myers

He was not a good person!
Whoever knew him knows.

This obituary is a perfect example of how karma does not exist. Anyone who truly knew this man has a far different perspective than this fawning, embarrassingly over the top tribute conveys. As his biological child (I don’t call this man a father), I can’t imagine a more inaccurate, self serving set of words. In fact i suspect he may have written it himself. It’s the weird kind of thing he would have done, actually. The childhood this severely narcissistic, alcoholic man gave me haunts me still on a daily basis, and this description of him, and the omission of the fact that he even had children, seems to have been written with the express purpose of hurting myself and my brother yet again. I’m truly baffled as to why anyone would seek to harm us more than he already had.
This comment will no doubt get deleted post haste, which in a way is symbolic of the way he neglected and abandoned his children and invalidated their life experience incessantly. “Buddhistic view of the world” indeed.

Anna, how terribly sad, our heartfelt condolences to everyone. Sue and I loved our adventures with you both and have always planned to one day return to Newfoundland and the beautiful Fortune Bay. I will always remember my adventures with Owen and the wonderful times we had.

I was shocked and saddened to learn of Owen’s passing, and send my condolences to Anna and their family. I enjoyed being around Owen and especially listening to his many stories. I’m know he will be greatly missed.

Just heard of Owens passing. We will always have found memories of Owen Our prayers and thoughts goes out to his family and friends

Anna and family: May your memories of such a wonderful man lessen the grief, leave you with happy thoughts and negate your pain. I thought the world of Owen, never one just to chat, he enveloped me with his thoughts and knowledge; I will think of him often.

Dearest Anna, Henny and family,
I was deeply shocked to hear of Owen´s passing away. Words fail me. Owen was the second person I met, when I came first to Newfoundland 25 years ago. Right from the first moment I met him, I was very impressed by his talkative but calm and very liberal- minded personality. It was Owen, who taught me, that truth does not need a loud voice, that a god and satisfying life does not need much. He was one of those people who showed me the beauty of Newfoundland and made me love that impressive Rock. I admired Owen for his life full of stories he never got tired of telling me, his way of having discussions and last but not least for his deep and genuine love for nature.
I am truly thankful that I got the chance to introduce Owen, who influenced my life in many ways, to my husband and to my son a few years ago.

Anna and Henny, our thoughts are with you.

My condolences to all of Owen’s family members.
Phyllis ( Dal Law class of 1990)

RIP, Owen. Will miss the sidewalk conversations. You were indeed, a very interesting soul. Hope you get to see your treasured Portuguese Water Dog again, in the next life! Sincere Condolences to your wife & family

Anna and Henny our sincere condolences of your cross family in Holland, the kids van Ome Teun and tante Marie:

Arie + Ineke
Cor +Carla
Riet + Piet
Cora +Jan

Dear Anna, I was so sorry to read in The Telegram of Owen’s passing. I have thought of you so many times over the years. Harvey and I send our sincere condolences to you and your familly

Anna and Henny my condolences for you. Your cousin Cor van Rijn

Dear Henny, Anna and family, an inspiration to anyone who was ready to listen, laugh and talk.
I was lucky to be there when Anna and Owen set up their Camp at Tickle Beach/ Fortune Bay, sharing Owen’s love for the outdoors and wildlife
Owen will always be a presence in my life and so will you and your wonderful family and home on the Rock.
My thoughts are with you.

My condolences to Owen’s wife, Anna, his children and step-children, to his mother and his sister,Lorna.

Dearest Anna, Henny & family,
I am at a loss of words and donˋt know what to say. Owen was the second person I met when I came to Newfoundland and I will never forget his warm and welcoming way. Maybe you can take condolences in the words that helped me out of the dark when my father died.

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world,
the master calls a butterfly.
Richard Bach – Illusions

My thoughts are with you.

Dearest Anna and Family;
It was a highlight of my life to finally meet a man like Owen. We met during one of his many campaigns to right a serious wrong in our society. I enjoyed every minute of our long conversations and hours of fly fishing together. Brilliant, Inquisitive, Honorable, Tireless, and dare I say Noble, Giving, and Gracious. He will be missed by all that met him.

Sunset and evening star
And one clear call for me!
And may there be no moaning of the bar,
When I put out to sea,

Twilight and evening bell,
And after that the dark!
And may there be no sadness of farewell,
When I embark;

Rest in peace Owen

My deepest condolences to Owens family. His wife Anna and her daughter and son-in-law.
And especially to his daughter and his son and his sister and his mother.
I was lucky to have met his kids when they were young and his lovely sister with the welsh accent.

I first met Owen when we both worked for Seawatch back in the day (before he became a lawyer)
and spent many day/nights on fishing vessels observing if any shenanigans were going on.
There usually was. Owen was no fan of those big boats that scourged the sea.

If you’re listening Owen, here’s hoping you come back as a wild salmon free in the seas.
I do remember him talking about Buddhism and Karma but it was over my head most of the time.
What is it they say about Karma?

Dear Anna Henny and Drew:
It was a privilege to have Owen in our lives. He was a wonderful brother in law and an awesome uncle to our boys. People come into our lives and make an impression that last an eternity. Some people never grasp that relationship and loose that priviledge. We were so greatful to be apart of your lives. Owen will be forever in our hearts.

To Anna & Family we are so sorry to hear of Owens passing, we will always be grateful and will never forget everything both you and Owen did for us and our children over the years. Owen was a great man May he Rest In Peace.

Sorry to hear news of Owen’s passing. He and I shared a love of the outdoors, and salmon fishing. It was always my pleasure to bump into Owen while walking in our neighborhood, and to discuss these mutual interests. On every encounter, he was a true gentleman. I also admired Owen for the difficult cases that he tackled, sometimes advancing the law in new directions. My sympathies to the family.

We are so sorry for the loss of this wonderful man. We loved spending time with him enjoying his stories, wit, warmth and generosity. A firece intellect, an engaging Renaissance man, a strong spiritual reverence and a valued part of our family. We will miss him deeply.

To Anna, family and friends, my deepest condolences on Owen’s passing away. I remember Owen from my days in Paradise during the 1990’s. I always will remember Owen being cordial, warm and funny, even when we may have been on opposite sides. Owen’s passing is a true loss to the St. John’s community. Again, my deepest sympathies.

Roland Burek

No… Such an interesting man. A friend of mine when we were in Legal Aid together. Smart as a whip and very funny. He stood up for people and he was passionate about justice. Not many like him around anymore. RIP and my best to your family

To the Family of Owen. I wish to express my condolences at your time of sorrow and loss. I was a fisheries prosecutor for a number of years and Owen often represented individuals in those cases. I have very fond memories of his advocacy skills and passion. Owen was extremely knowledgeable of fishery matters, especially those involving salmon. As a solicitor on civil matters he was always reasonable. I am truly sadden by his passing. My prayers are with you.

So sorry to hear of Owen’s passing. I got to know and appreciate him as he represented Sandy Pond Alliance in its Federal Court challenge of Schedule II of Fisheries Regulations allowing the Minister the right to declare any water body in Canada as a TIA. There is no doubt that he had a deep respect and reverence for mother earth.
My sincerest condolences to his family and friends.
Ken Kavanagh
Bell Island

I am sorry to learn of Owen’s passing. I admired him for his passionate advocacy for conservation and the environment. The ‘Sandy Pond’ saga has been engraved forever on the legal record of Canada as a testimony to his energy and convictions.

So sorry to hear of Owen’s passing. He was a wonderful friend to my late husband, Phil. Owne’s thoughtfulness will forever be in my heart. My condolences to all the family may peace be with you at this difficult time.

Mrs. Myers, Anna & family,
I am saddened to hear of Owen’s passing. I worked with Owen in the iceberg world. We spent many a day on the bridge of the oil rigs ensuring icebergs didn’t interfere with operations & having a yarn!

The eloquent obituary says it all!

Godspeed Owen

Pat Barron Jr.

Anna and family;
He was one of the best “on your feet” in the court room lawyers, I ever met. Owen, in reflection of your “Buddhistic” view of life, I hope we meet again on your next time around.
by Don Powell

Anna and family, condolences on your loss. I never had the pleasure of meeting Owen but he sounds like a principled man and a real character.

Anna and Henny,

I always enjoyed Owen’s stories and enthusiasm for Newfoundland outdoor life when he was here at my dental office. He always had a smile and a postivie attitude. Thanks for the salmon flies Owen.

What makes a great Bar is the lawyers who practice or practiced in its membership. I have seen some amazing lawyers who stood out for various reasons such as courtroom advocacy and talent, the ability to go head to head in a legal argument, never backing down and yet still being compassionate. Owen had all of those qualities. His spirit will always be in the minds and hearts of those who witnessed his abilities as a lawyer and a man.

I am a lawyer here in St. John’s and your neighbour across the street on Monkstown Road. I remember a nice chat I had with Owen last summer on the sidewalk in front of your house. We had never met before, but we quickly warmed up to each other and traded a few stories about life in the private practice of law. I could tell he was a gentleman and a man who walked to the beat of his own drum, and I admired that right away. Our sincere condolences on your loss.

sorry for your loss, rest in peace.

Anna and Family
We will miss Owen’s pre-dawn email analyses of the state of local and global politics, fisheries and the environment. Owen had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and his unbounded brilliance that was grounded in common good had a game-changer effect shifting the lines of public debate that are so critical for our society at large.
He will be missed by many.
Bill and Janet Montevecchi

Anna, Henny. Mrs. Myers:
My condolences on your loss. I knew Owen for many a year. We wrote the LSAT together, and then we both went on to law school. Owen always brought an interesting and intellectual perspective to the many legal cases he tackled. It was a pleasure to work on files with him. RIP.
Bob Buckingham

I was very saddened to hear of Owen’s passing and hope that you and your family cherish the memories of a unique individual

Sorry for your loss Anna. Remember the good times as there were many. Rest in Peace.

Owen’s family
Over the years we had memorable moments in various matters in Court
Owen came well prepared and in good humour.
He was devoted to the causes he believed in.
May he Rest In Peace.

So sorry to hear of Owens passing, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Dear Anna, My condolences on the passing of Owen. I’m sorry that I never got to meet him. May the happy memories of him comfort you and the family in the days to come.