Dr. Debbie Reid M.D.

April 15, 1954 to April 28, 2020


Debbie Reid was born in 1954 in Sydney, Nova Scotia, but grew up in New Brunswick. She graduated from Riverview High School in 1972 and went to Dalhousie University to study Science with the ambition of getting into medical school. Being an intelligent woman, she ascertained, (rightfully so) that, at the time, being accepted to Med School as a female, might be tricky, so she applied as D.H. Reid instead of Debbie. It worked, and she was accepted into Memorial Medical School in Newfoundland. After graduating, she went on to pediatric training in London Ontario.  And then it was back to St. Johns’ Newfoundland, where she spent her entire career in pediatric medicine and pediatric critical care, first at The Original Janeway Hospital and then at the New Janeway

Debbie was an original, or at least those of us who knew her best thought she was! She was the big sister, and rarely let any of us forget it. But from her, we learned how to drive a car, power and sail a boat, play a guitar and bake! She was a fabulous cook, especially cheesecakes. Cooking for a dinner party of a couple of dozen was easy for her, and not only did she entertain at her home, she took lots of meals, and food into the staff at the hospital.

And how she loved her work at the hospital. How she loved the kids and their families. And she would go to great lengths for “her kids,” taking in movies, and treats and books – anything to keep up their spirits. She adored them. And she adored her niece and nephew and was always known as ‘the aunt who brought presents.”

Debbie is predeceased by her father Bill, and leaves to mourn, her mom Barbara Reid (nee Lohnes), her two sisters Peggy (Dennis) and Lori (Wayne) and her much beloved niece (Nikki) and nephew (Chris with his wife Bex and infant son Finn). Two aunts and many cousins and their families also survive her. In later years, when she needed extra help, her friend Jo Carroll was there to help her, and Debbie was always grateful.

While living and breathing her work at the hospital, she was intensely private in the rest of her life. If she had been a gambler, she would have been an expert, for she played her cards very close to her chest. She died the way she wanted: privately and on her terms. She gave up chemo when it became apparent that she was sicker with it than without it. And she chose to die at home, in familiar surroundings. The hospital was not for her! She had spent all her adult life in the hospital, usually in the pediatric intensive care unit which she not only established but ran ~~like the captain of a ship. And her “crew” were intensely proud of her and loyal to her. They will miss her and so will the ones who called her family. When ill health became an issue for Debbie, a retirement party was planned, and a plaque was placed in the hospital in honour of her work. It reads:

“In honor of Dr. Debbie Reid

Founder of Modern Pediatric Critical Care

in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

In recognition of a lifetime of dedication.

With heartfelt and sincere thanks

from all those with whom she worked,

particularly the children of this province,

whom she dedicated her life’s work. 

We will never forget the amazing contributions of Dr. Debbie!!


Debbie Reid died this week on April 28 in St. John’s Newfoundland.  But it’s not the fact that she died that is noteworthy.  Rather it is her life that is important.

For because of her, there are children who lived; and families who got to take their kids home. It was all she wanted.






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I am so very sorry to learn of Debbie’s death. I did my R1 and R2 years in Pediatrics at the Janeway in 1983-85 and Deb was a fantastic mentor. Her memory lives on

Well, I think there s a cheesecake in my future this week. My son was very sick when he was born and over the years ICU visits happened. In ER when they said they had to call ICU, it was the dreaded sentence. Down Debbie would come and you could breathe a little easier. She’d say “ok mom, what do you think?” We’d discuss and sometimes intubation became a necessity, she was rock steady and had your back. Grounded and lovely, Debbie you will be missed.

Saddened to hear of Debbie’s passing. I am not surprised to learn that she went into medicine and that she was good at what she did. I attended RHS and graduated with Debbie in ’72 and knew her to be fun, friendly, responsible, and one of the “A” students. My condolences to the family.

Sending sincere condolences. I worked with Debbie for many years in PICU. She was a very intelligent and caring person. She was a whiz with math. She had a calm presence in the midst of emergencies. She also had very neat handwriting, which was much appreciated by us registered nurses. Debbie was also a talented cook, she regularly shared her delicious creations with us.

I had the priviledge and honon to work with Debbie when I was Chief of Pediatrics and she was Chief of the Janeway Pediatric Pediatric Intensive Care Unit(ICU).She was an amazing leader in her work to modernize the ICU structure, equipment and treatment protocols successfully, projects which I strongly supported Debbie was a unique and extra ordinary person and pediatrician devoted to the children and staff in the ICU and enhancing critical care critical for the children in ICU and the province . It is not the number of years in your life that count, it is the life of these years. Debbie had a full life that brought so much happiness and to so many children and their families and to coworkers that her legacy will live on for years to come. My condolences to the Reid family .

Very sad to learn of Dr. Reid’s passing. She was such a wonderful doctor to our twin daughters who ended up at the old Janeway after their premature birth in 1984. They were delivered at 6 months and during their first week of birth, they weighed just a pound and a half each. Debbie was our ROCK! She was a pleasant, warm and compassionate doctor who guided us through everything we needed to know about what was going on with our precious daughters. We would miss her on the days she was off. She was the one who gave us hope that our babies would survive, now themselves mothers. Because of the names we choose for our daughters, they became known as the “Coin Sisters” at the Janeway…maybe Debbie had something to do with that. We cannot say enough about Debbie and we are so sad she is no longer with us. Our thoughts are with her family at this time.

Debbie and I were roommates at MUN. We lived in Burtons Pond Apartments in 1978, there were four of us and Debbie was our mother hen. We all reaped the benefits of Debbies baking, a gift I have read she shared with many since those early days. I dated and later married a fellow classmate of Debbies. I will never forget her reaction when I brought him home to the apartment for the first time. Thankfully he met with Debbies approval and we are still together today! It was through his Medical Class email that we learned of Debbies passing. It has been an honour to read all the Condolences left by so many people whose lives have been impacted by this truly remarkable woman. My husband and I send our heartfelt sympathy to Debbies family and friends and to all who share in their loss.

Heartfelt condolences to Debbie’s family on her passing.
Debbie was such an integral part of our Janeway family. She was a most compassionate, caring and competent physician. Two of my fondest memories are the following:
The demand for heavy sedation when we initially obtained a Janeway MRI machine exceeded our resources. Debbie immediately offered her support and ultimately paved the way to a more permanent solution. Debbie’s days in MRI became the calmest, droll humour replaced stress!
Debbie was a longstanding supporter of the Janeway Ladies Auxiliary and as the Queen of Cheesecake Baking , donated multiple to the annual Christmas Fair. Our family was the happy recipient of many. Debbie would appear at my office door in early Novemberand and just say ” What flavour? …..nothing else. I think of her when I see a cheesecake pan and smile.
Rest in peace Debbie, surrounded by your many special angels.

There ae so many things I can say about Debbie but the traits that stand out are Dedicated, Intelligent, Caring, Unrelenting and Independent.
I worked with her as a fellow resident and later as a Pediatrician at the Janeway. She was a friend and a unique and very special person.


The Reid family
My sincere sympathy to you all on the passing of Dr. Debbie. I was Oncology Nurse Coordinator at the Janeway in the late nineties, and it was not uncommon for our patients to be in Intensive Care. She treated each patient as a unique individual, answering all questions with great empathy. Some of our patients did not recover, and Debbie would sit with the family and child until the end. She touched countless lives during her wonderful work in the ICU. Rest in Peace, Debbie.

I am very sad to hear of Dr. Debbie’s passing, She took wonderful care of our daughter Carla in the 90’s. when she was a patient in the critical care unit at the Janeway. She also escorted us on a medivac flight to London Ont. in 1991 where as a physician, she was held in high regard by the medical staff there. She was very kind and compassionate and I shall always remember her. May she rest in Peace. by Glenda Haynes

As I was a medical secretary at the Janeway from 1968-2007 I knew Debbie well. She was a lovely person, friendly and caring, excellent with her patients. Whenever we had a bake sale her cakes were always first to sell, sometimes before they got to the table! RIP Debbie

Well, where will I start… it was 1984 in January this beautiful, loving, caring women named Roxann Barbour and father Grant Hoyles had a disabled child. She was born at Brookfield hospital and the doctors seen there was something wrong with this child. So it was the next day or the day after that the doctors said to Roxann and another beautiful, loving,caring person named Doris Barbour that she has to go to Gander hospital so when she got to Gander the doctors have tried everything that they could do but nothing would work. So the next day or the day after that doctor Debbie Reid received a beautiful patient named Jenny Barbour. It was 2 people that went to the Janeway and the names were Irene and Roma, To get trained for me but they were too scared. It was on this day doctor Debbie said to Roxann and Doris that this child got a disease that got no muscle tone so she said that this child could live to Be 5 years old, but I fooled them didn’t I! Lol I was at the janeway til I was 2.5 years old so it was this day that Doctor Debbie Reid asked Nan and Mom if they wanted to take this child home, and Mom and Nan said that Will take her home. It was this day when she was going home it was the best uncle Eric that went to the Jane way to get his favourite niece Jenny Barbour to go home for the first time but my family didn’t think that I was going to survive. So Nan helped my mom and other family members too raise me up and so on it was 1997 that it was this beautiful, loving, caring person named Joyce Humphries that came to work with me. When I got older I used to go to the Jane way for a 2 week check up and give Joyce, Amy and Cecile their holidays P.S You too Aunt Sharon. So when doctor Debbie used to come in every morning she use to say to me “Good Morning gorgeous, how are you today?” So she used to love salt and vinegar Pringle’s and it was times that I use to get a can for her. When she came in, in the morning she used to always bring in something for the staff and it was still nights that the staff was eating all of my chips lol I thought that they were going to eat the legs off the table lol but they always brought me chips. so doctor Debbie came in with her beige pants and a blue shirt with black glasses on the top of her head and a black pen on the neck of her shirt. She use to do crafts with me when she had free time, There was nights that I didn’t sleep because there was too much noise and the staff used to try on my clothes just for a fashion show. On the day that I was going back home Uncle Eric wasn’t even on the highway before I was asleep. so I want to Thank all the staff at the janeway for taking great care of me aswell you too doctor Debbie you were just a phone away and my mom would of called the ambulance and we will take off to the Janeway. So to the Reid’s and family I’m sorry for your loss of your dear Debbie. She was a amazing doctor and women. so Debbie, I misses you at times like this but I will always love and miss you lots until we meet again love you, xoxo!

My sympathies to all members of the Reid family. I have great memories of Debbie bossing us.around, running the canteen at Riverview High School, cooking wonderful meals at the Red Cottage and just being a stellar person. She accomplished so much in her lifetime. Thinking of all and remembering our growing up years on Blythwood Avenue!

My sympathies to all members of the Reid family. I have great memories of Debbie bossing us.around, running the canteen at Riverview High School, cooking wonderful meals at the Red Cottage and just being a stellar person. She accomplished so much in her lifetime. Thinking of all and remembering our growing up years on Blythwood Avenue! Mary Nagle

To Dr Debbie’s Mom, sister Lori and especially our ever dear Rev Peggy and husband Dennis, we are truly sorry for this terrible loss in your family. In spite of her illness, sounds like she stayed true to herself with privacy and is remembered as a Rock Star in her beloved profession. Be at PEACE and may your memories carry you through. Blessings and much Love, Debbie and Garth Lutes

We lived next door to Dr. Debbie for 10 years, she was the best neighbour! Fiercely private, but very friendly and she never seemed bothered by our two girls and their friends who would gather in the backyard. She would always say it was great to see healthy happy children at play – what she called children’s work.
She has left a great legacy to the children of our province. I’m sure her family and close friends are very proud to have had her in their lives. Peace be with you.

I worked with Debbie in the PCCU in London Ontario. She was an amazing person and a great Doctor. So sad to hear of her passing.

What a void has been left in our world….I was in the same medical school class with Debbie and she was part of our clinical/ study group over those years. She was always so steadfast, calm, non judgemental, accepting, pragmatic…I could go on! Very very private and I respected that. A truly good person. And with such wonderful accomplishments and legacies…..In spite of living in the same city, I only ran into her once in the years since medical school , around 6 years ago; it was like the 40+ years hadn’t intervened!
I never met her family, but I ache for their loss..
Kathleen Halley

When I was 3 years old, Dr. Debbie helped save my life. She made a real difference and positively impacted so many lives, not just mine. My thoughts and prayers are with her family during this time.

Dear Lori, Peggy & Mrs. Reid,
I’m so sorry for the loss of your dear Debbie. Growing up in Riverview and then living my adult life in St. John’s, allowed me to have had the privilege of knowing ‘where Debbie came from’ and then knowing of her legacy at the Janeway. The children of NL were blessed with her dedication and skills during her stellar career. I would run into Debbie from time to time, and she would share ‘the news from home’. Sincere condolences. May Debbie Rest in Peace. She was well loved by all who knew her. God bless you all during this sad and difficult time. Sincerely, Glendora (Wilson) Boland

Although my daughter has since passed away, it was Dr.Reid who looked after her in the Janeway when she was in a car accident at the age of fifteen. I’ll never forget the day they took my Jill off the ventilator. Dr.Reid sat by her bedside the whole night and watched over her. My sincere condolences to her family and all who worked along side of her.She was an amazing doctor.

My condolences to Debbie’s family on her passing. Having worked with her for a number of years at Eastern Health I witnessed her devotion to the children in her care. She was a competent and caring physician and kind person. She will be missed.

I had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Dr. Debbie when I worked at the Janeway Foundation. I witnessed what a caring, skilled and dedicated doctor she was. She was always ready to assist the Foundation in any way she could. I am sure she will be greatly missed by all associated with her. Condolences.

I have known Debbie since she came to NL. The children of this province have benefited greatly from her medical skills, knowledge and dedication. Her compassion and kindness were obvious to all who knew her professionally and socially. My condolences to Debbie’s family.

So sorry to hear of Debbies passing. We worked aide by side for many years as colleagues in the ER. She had such a calmness with the sickest patients. She had a fantastic sense of humour but unlike me no interest in fashion. She will be missed.

My deepest sympathy to Peggy and Lori on the loss of your sister. I spoke briefly to your Mom yesterday. Debbie and I graduated from Riverview High together, she was a bright star even then.
Ellizabeth (Liz) Eagles (Martin), class of ’72

I don’t think it makes a difference if you interacted with her for a short time, as I did with my daughter in ICU in 1994, or if you knew her for a lifetime, you’ll never forget her. She cared for the whole family with her attention to detail for each child.

While I am very sad to hear of Debbie’s death, reading her obituary brings back so many wonderful memories of the two years we spent together as fellows training in the Pediatric Critical Care Unit (PCCU) at Children’s Hospital in a London (1988-1990). The very first cheesecake she brought into the unit was for my birthday, but it was far from the last…there were so many recipes we put together a cheesecake cookbook which I still have. We shared many all-nighters preparing teaching sessions and presentations: what stamina we had, given that the number of nights we also spent on call. Debbie was a phenomenal physician whose competence and clinical judgment were matched, if not exceeded, by her capacity to care deeply for the children she served, and their families. She was never afraid to speak her mind or challenge authority when she thought it was necessary to offer the best possible care to a patient. Truly one of a kind! Please accept my sincere condolences.

So sorry for your loss
It was a pleasure and a gift to spend many years working with Debbie.
She will be forever remembered

sending condolences to dr .reids family, friends and co- workers. dr. reid was very nice person and dedicated doctor. she was my brothers doctor when he was at the janeway for 3 months and passed away on april 19th 20 years ago. she went above and beyond caring for the sick kids rip sweet lady

Our deepest condolences to Dr. Reid’s family. I had the pleasure to meet her in Oct. 2003, when my son (8 years old ), Jordon, became a patient of the PICU. She called him “my little boy”. (He was the only patient there at the time). She treated Jordon and me with the utmost respect. Her kind and caring ways, her friendly smile and her love for us at that time was second to none. Soar high with the angels Dr. Debbie and say hi to Dr. Jack (Hand) for us. Hugs to her family❤️❤️

My wife and I are so saddened to hear about Dr. Debbie’s passing. It’s been 20 years since our Daughter, Kristina passed. She loved Dr. Debbie and Debbie was showed us so much compassion and top notch care at the old Janeway. We were present and witnessed the mutual respect between Debbie and her staff. We pray that her family will get through this but please take comfort in that Debbie touched the hearts of all her children in ICU as well as their families. God Bless, take care and stay safe,
Patrick and Joan Walsh.

Sincere sympathy to Dr. Debbie’s family and to her Janeway family,
So very sad saddened to learn of Dr. Debbie’s passing. She was a remarkable and extremely competent physician. Her calmness in the face of emergency situations was settling for staff, patients and parents..She had the ability to care for and treat her patients and lead her staff to be the best they could be…..Dr. Debbie Reid… You will never be forgotten.

Feeling so very privileged to have had the opportunity to work side by side with this skilled physician for so many years. Words cannot describe her immense contribution to the care of so many critically ill children of our province. Her hands off calm leadership style and approach to mentorship and teaching will always be unique. I will never ever forget learning so much from you Dr Debbie.

Charlotte Ryan
PICU Janeway

I was saddened to learn of Debbie’s passing.  
To her family and her extended family who assisted with her care, I send my condolences to each of you. 
To Debbie’s second family, ALL of her colleagues, we will always remember how Debbie ran a tight ship.   If she was working with you during your shift in PICU you could breathe a little easier because you knew that she took charge, she knew what do, and she let parents and love ones of the kids have confidence in her decisions.  Her focus and resolve to do the best she could do with each patient was commendable.  Debbie was the Doctor who made things ok even when the times were very sad, she took control and helped the families and staff get through the rough times.
I remember going to her house for a staff party, great food, lots of laughter and there would be an occasional jug of sangria enjoyed by the staff.  If you had the misfortune of having to work on a holiday like Christmas day or Easter Sunday, all was right with the world because Debbie was on call and she brought in dinner for everyone… what a feast it would be, ending the meal with one of her famous cheesecakes.
Quote by C. Palahniuk – “We all die.  The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.”
Dr. Debbie Reid has touched many lives, she will never be forgotten.

Regina Walsh (former PICU RN)

To The Reid Familes & Our Janeway Familes
We are deeply sadden of hearing about Dr. Debbie’s passing today. Where do I start….she was my lifeline when I brought my daughter home from the(Old) Janeway after been a patient there for almost 3 years. Debbie and her team (our Janeway Family)made sure we knew all the care that was needed to set us on our journey home. At that time Jenny’s life expectancy was 5yrs….today she is 36.! Debbie always went above and beyond….always there on the other end of the phone line for when I had questions or when a medical issues would arise she would say bring Jenny back in. You have played a big role in getting Jenny where she is today “Dr Debbie Reid” and for that we will be forever grateful. We have many imbedded memories to cherish of our times at the Janeway.(Old & New). Go fly high with the Angel’s……you will never be forgotten…….extra love and kisses from one of your Miracle Children…..Jenny Barbour.
Love Roxann, Sheldon, Jenny, Natasha & Family

Sincere Condolences to Dr. Debbie’s Family.
She sailed through life by showing her kindness and love, to all those she encountered. I am happy to have met her during my time at the Janeway. A fine Doctor and an overall wonderful person.
Rest in Peace.

Our sincere condolences to Barb and family. We were great friends with Bill and we have never met a prouder father…of all his three girls. What a beautiful tribute to Debbie’s life her obituary is. What a beautiful person she was.

My condolences to Debbie’s family and all of our Janeway family. To know Debbie was to love her!! Debbie was kind, humble, intelligent, an amazing physician and a caring friend. The Janeway was her life and her kids could not have been treated any better if they were her own. Debbie was a beautiful person who we all wanted to emulate, she was always there for her patients her staff and her friends. Dr. Debbie you will be missed. May you spread your wings now among the angels as you are now truly a special angel.

I did not know Dr. Debbie but your beautiful tribute to a life well lived and a person well loved bought tears to my eyes. My condolences to you all.

So sorry to hear of Dr Reid’s passing. She was a life saver. Our family will never ever forgot her name, as she and her staff saved my daughters life in 1991 at the Janeway. We will always , always be grateful for her skill and knowledge as an intensive care specialist. God bless her

So sorry to read this obit this morning . Dr Debbie was an icon in our province and looked after many of our children ,my Jamie included. Godspeed

Farewell to a wonderful woman, it is so inspiring to read this beautiful tribute. Enjoyed many chats with Debbie and even though she was so sick, always managed to smile. A member of my family whom she taught had great praise for her. Sincere sympathy to her family and friends..

To Lori, Peggy, Barb, and all the family
We are very sorry and saddened about Debbie’s passing. It had been a long time since I saw her but remember so many great times with her at the Reid Cottage in Shediac . She was one great lady and from all accounts reading the tributes and comments from all those that had the privilege to work and know her, she was an incredible doctor. A real icon in the medical field. RIP Deb. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all????????????????❤️

Dr Debbie Reid life made a great difference in many people’s lives.. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her, respected her and loved her. Our condolences go out her family, her friends and her cohorts.
Remember her for what she gave and her bravery. The world is a better place because she lived. We pray for the living who miss her.

To Barb, Peggy and Lori
I sure am sorry to hear of Debbie’s passing. It is a long time since I have seen Debbie, but I well remember you three girls from Church and Sunday School in Riverview.. You were all such a welcoming family. Again my condolences.
John Mills

Debbie was a wonderful person. She was one of the first people to make me feel welcome when I moved to Riverview in 1969. always knew she had a big heart. she will be missed

Thinking back to many years ago and the ‘old’ Janeway where the stresses of ICU work and the high points were shared and celebrated with Debbie leading the pack. She was a joy to know in and out of the workplace.
She provided both my husband and me immeasurable support over the years. She has not just our gratitude but also respect.
Many people are smart but few are smart and humble,
Debbie Reid was both..
Michelle (aka Mitch) and ROBERT Murdoch

Dr. Debbie Reid was both a wonderful person and a wonderful, caring doctor.
She did a Medivac with me to pick up my son who was born very premature in the USA. He was born almost exactly 36 years ago, but Dr. Debbie and I weren’t able to bring him back until four months later.
She made two other trips with my son and I to Toronto for different treatments and she was always loving and caring.
St. John’s being relatively small, I encountered her many times between then and now.She always showed concern and asked about my son, by name.
We should be thankful for the time we had with her.

I am proud to have been part of Debbie’s crew in the ICU as RC Chaplain from 1992-95! She was a comfort to so many parents and children. Debbie’s heart was always in the right place. It was an honor to have known and worked with Debbie! Remembered in prayer. May her soul rest in peace!

Br. John Frampton OFM Cap.

Condolences to her family and friends. RIP

My heart hurts terribly this morning. Dr. Debbie was my rock at the Janeway during my son Cameron’s 10 years on this earth. She was one of the few people permitted to call him “Cam”..but given all of the times she saved his life….well, she deserved it. We are one of those families who got to spend 10 years with our son because of Debbie and her passion for her work and all her children at the Janeway. She was a captain indeed. A leader in the true sense of the word. I feel like I lost a little piece of my son again this morning after reading this…but Debbie, thank you for giving us the 10 years we had. You will never be forgotten. You were 1 in a million.

To Family and Friends of Doctor Debbie Reid.
We extend our Deep and Heartfelt Sympathy in the recent passing of a truly loved and respected Doctor, co-worker and Friend.

May her legacy of Love, Laughter and Many Happy Memories keep You and Yours Buoyed during this period.

Her Commitment, Care and Skills given the many Children of the Province will always be remembered.

Our Thoughts and Prayers are with You.

Freda Janes and Wayne MacDonald.????

We send our deepest condolences. Dr. Debbie watched over our son when he was in ICU at the old Janeway 20 years ago. . We will always be greatfull.

Ralph & Maragret Acreman

RIP Debbie , from David Jensen RHS Class of 1972

I am saddened to hear of Dr. Debbie’s passing.. She truly was a dedicated , competent physician and a team player. My sincere condolences to her family May she Rest In Peace.

We trusted Dr. Debbie with our ‘life’, our 12 day old infant girl as she was admitted to ICU. She commanded her ‘ship’ in a way we instantly trusted and came to love as it was evident she loved her work. We could never thank her enough and feel we have lost family. I will wave ‘starfish fingers’ for her.

So sad to learn of Debbie’s passing. She left her mark on child health care and will be always remembered for her contributions. My condolences to the family.

My deepest condolences to Dr. Debbie’s family and her “janeway family”. She truly was an amazing, skilled, competent and compassionate physician. A great teacher who left quite a legacy. What a contribution she has made to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador directly and indirectly across the globe through the knowledge imparted on so many medical students and health care professionals under her tutelage. May she Rest In Peace.

So immensely sorry to here of Debbie’s passing. She is fondly remembered by all of us who were lucky to study under as residents at the Janeway. She was a wonderful teacher and dedicated physician. She cared so much about all of her patients and us residents. She would, without expecting any thanks or praise, bring home cooked meals to feed all 20 hungry students. How we loved “Debbie lunch days”! So many patients are better for having met her. She leaves shoes that will never be filled.

I had the privilege of working with Dr. Reid. She was very dedicated to the children, colleagues and all staff of the Janeway. No matter what your title was she treated everyone the same. Gods Speed RIP Debbie. Bernie Woolridge

To the Reid family
I have had the privilege of working with dr Reid for 17 years ! IHer ntelligence was admiring ! She was the smartest person I knew ! I in the face of extreme medical conditions she Always managed a focus o.n What had to be done ,She was an excellent teacher , although I have left paediatrics for a long time I often recalled what she taught me and applied it to situation at hand . She made her staff her family . Rest In Peace Debbie ,, you have so much !

To the Reid family
I have had the privilege of working with dr Reid for 17 years ! IHer ntelligence was admiring ! She was the smartest person I knew ! I in the face of extreme medical conditions she Always managed a focus o.n What had to be done ,She was an excellent teacher , although I have left paediatrics for a long time I often recalled what she taught me and applied it to situation at hand . She made her staff her family . Rest In Peace Debbie ,, you have so much !
Angela scanlan

Condolences to the family of Dr. Debbie Reid. Not only was she a unique and amazing doctor but she was also a great friend to those that worked along side her. She always enjoyed her work and the children she cared for at the Janeway. We re joyed to have known such a knowledgeable and caring person above all. I am grateful to have known and worked with Dr. Deb and to have been there throughout her training and the day ” she became a real Doctor”.

As I sit here with my grandson in my arms,
I am forever grateful for Dr.Debbie who took care of my daughter Chantelle 25 years ago in PICU. Condolences to all the family and her Janeway family

Our deepest sympathies to the family. Debbie sounds like a remarkable person who left an indelible mark.

My condolences to the Reid family and friends. I had the honour of working with Debbie at the Janeway. I was in awe of her immense medical knowledge, superb clinical skills, and her amazing ability to put everyone at ease in the midst of a crisis. She will be remembered.

Our condolences to the Reid family on the passing of your daughter Deddie. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and you family . Deddie was an awesome doctor and an unique individual. She was loved by all who met her. I, Darroch, worked in Cardiology at the Janeway for many years and spent many hours in PICU with Dr. Reid. She will be missed by so many of us. Darroch and Lois Jones.

I met Debbie when she was a resident at diabetic camp in bishop falls. She helped or rather made me perform my first injection which I did not want to do. She knew I could and said I would become more independent. Empowerment That was her way !! It’s hard to get through to a teenager at the best of time but she had that knack. Never gave up on you. Made you think you were the strong one when in actual fact she was and pushed you to be too. That was her gift.

Many years later I got the privilege to work with her. I as a RN in the ICU at the Janeway hospital. This was her home she treated her patients with everything she had and staff also.
She was an amazing doctor and individual. You were lucky to be a part of her circle. She invited you in but you had to give as much as she did because she gave her all
I have had type 1 diabetes for 45 yrs now and happy to say healthy have two beautiful girls and still working full time. She helped me get to here today.
I owe so much to her.
You will be missed by so many. I am so thankful I had the privilege to know you.
Susan Jardine Bursey xoxo

To the Reid family!
My condolences to each and every one of you on the passing of your daughter, sister and Aunt! I never got to meet her but did hear the stories that were shared! May you all know that God has now taken her home where there is no more pain and suffering! May God guide you through these days ahead as you travel this journey!
Blessings and Peace!
Val Olson
Dieppe, NB

I worked for 13 years at the Janeway and 8 of those were with Debbie. Our PICU team was always a close knit group; a family and Debbie was our anchor. She will be missed. For our family personally, Debbie cared for our son when he was sick and admitted to PICU in 2007 (while I was still working there). I still remember her looking at me and saying “ you are now the mom, you can’t be the nurse.” knowing Matthew was in her care on that horrible day /week with our PICU family gave us comfort, he had the best care. Our family was so grateful for Debbie’s expertise and calm approach when we felt our world was crumbling. Matthew is a healthy almost 20 year old now and we owe that to Debbie.

An incredible physician, a wonderful cook, and a good friend. She will always be missed but will always be remembered by herJaneway family whom she taught and mentored. She made me proud to work in critical care and be part of her team. My deepest condolences. Rest peacefully Dr. Debbie. Your legacy lives on.

Our Prayers and thoughts are with the family.

Dr.Debbie will always stay with me as a calming influence in any pediatirc Storm..I worked mostly in NICU but that also made me on the critical care team..Shifts in PICU always went well with Dr Debbie.She had a lovely manner,always kind,most excellent with the children……and she sure was generous to the staff always teaching us …and not to mention feeding us.
A very honourable person with an equally honourable career

Working with Debbie was a wonderful experience and I learned a great deal.. A truly dedicated doctor. Our thoughts and prayers are with family and friends. .

Debbie was a pioneer in pediatric critical care with great communication skills, competence, care and above all compassion.

So sorry to hear of Dr, Reid’s passing,. I was one of her patients at the Janeway in 1982. I was being treated for leukaemia and she was one of the doctors on my team. I remember her kindness and compassion,, she always had a joke or gesture to make you feel better. She was a great doctor and she helped me beat leukaemia.. It will be 37 years this year that I have been cancer free and I owe a lot of that to Debbie. May she Rest In Peace.