Keith Francis (Sully) Sullivan

May 30, 1959 to November 6, 2022


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Passed away suddenly, in St. John’s on Sunday, November 06, 2022, Keith Francis (Sully) Sullivan, age 63 years.

Predeceased by his parents Joe and Vera (Pelley) Sullivan and brother John.

Leaving to mourn his passing are his sister Beverly Gaudet (Ray), sister-in-law Carolyn, nieces and nephews Melanie, Ashley, Brendan, Stephan, Natasha, Kyle plus several grand nieces and nephew, Aunts Kay Hall, Jeanette Pelley, many cousins as well as his “Stand-in” mothers Helen McNiven and Paula Rees who have always gone above and beyond for Keith.

He was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Europe, Africa, the United States and throughout Canada. It was a rare occasion when he travelled that he didn’t meet somebody he knew. As someone said, “Everyone knew Sully and Sully knew everyone.”

Keith was personality plus, Mr. Congeniality and quite a character. He was a gentleman, funny, a big teddy bear with a heart of gold. An amazing story teller, he could keep a person entertained for hours.

A resourceful fellow, if you needed something just leave it to Sully. If he personally didn’t have it he would surely find it.

He loved history and was a true ambassador for his beloved Newfoundland and/or home town. He promoted his province every opportunity he could.

Throughout his life he held various jobs. As a teenager he was a Cadet so it was a natural transition for him, in 1975, to join the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. He had a deep sense of pride in his service in the Regiment and remained passionate and deeply involved in the Veteran community for his entire adult life. The Regiment was a pivotal part of his life and he was the epitome of who you would want as a veteran, colleague and friend.

A horse of a lad, he got all the heavy jobs. His handiwork was not only felt in St. John’s but also in Aldershot and Gagetown. His strength was networking and making things come together. He was the Regiment’s storeman, transport NCO and at times liaison with Cadet groups and other units.

Following his service in the Reserves he worked on the oil rigs for several years. Later, following his dad, he was a cabbie in St. John’s and knew the city and its characters intimately.

Keith was blessed with so many true friends throughout his life, too many to mention but you know who you are and he will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Cremation has taken place. Visitation will take place from Carnell’s Funeral Home, 329 Freshwater Road, on Wednesday, November 16 and Thursday, November 17 from 2-4, and 7-9 p.m., A funeral mass will be held at St. Teresa’s, Mundy Pond Road, on Saturday. November 19 at 10 a.m., with inurnment to follow at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. The service will be livestreamed for those who cannot attend. The link will be added shortly.

In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation or a charity of your choice.



2-4 p.m. on November 16, 2022

7-9 p.m. on November 16, 2022

2-4 p.m. on November 17, 2022

7-9 p.m. on November 17, 2022

Carnell’s Funeral Home
329 Freshwater Road
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10:00am, Saturday November 19th

St. Teresa's Parish
120 Mundy Pond Rd, St. John's


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Farewell to a brother veteran. Stand easy, soldier. Duty done. Much love and condo;ences to his family and friends.

Bev, Ray and family. My most heartfelt condolences on the passing of Keith. I first met Keith in the cadets (2515 St.John’s Army) about 1974. We were both about 14 years old and we became fast friends (Keith had that unique ability to befriend everyone!) Such an outgoing personality! I struggle with foggy memories from so long ago. I remember I had an HO train set setup on a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood in the basement and Keith would come over to the house on Cumberland Crescent and we’d spend hours running the trains and changing the tracks and so on. We both loved building plastic model kits of tanks and jeeps and such. It sort of tied in with our love of military things, cadets, and militia. I had a cap badge collection of mostly Canadian infantry regiments from the 1940’s and 50’s that I inherited from my Dad. We’d spend hours perusing the collection and I think that may have instilled an interest in Keith collecting his own badges. I remember the time he acquired a king’s crown version of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment cap badge and proceeded to wear it (replacing the standard issue queen’s crown cap badge) on his forage cap with the cadet uniform on parade nights. In those days cadets wore the army battle dress uniform. There was a cadet version and for those cadets that grew out of these smaller sized jackets and trousers there was the option to wear the “adult” uniforms. Keith certainly grew quickly enough to wear the real army battledress. And he loved wearing “Royal Newfoundland Regiment”. He was a true Newfoundlander thru and thru.
We joined the Militia at the same time in December 1975. (Although we both stayed in the cadets for another year afterwards!) The army cadet corps and R Nfld R had organized a joint trek out to Cape Spear Lighthouse on 13 December. I remember it was such a cold day. Snow on the ground and a wind coming in off the Atlantic! And here we were on a route march….and loving it! Actually, I think it was a sneaky recruiting drive by the militia as Sgt Barter (CSM B Coy) asked any of the cadets that were of age if we wanted to join the Militia. So,of course, Keith and I stuck up our hands and signed the probationary enrollment forms on the spot – back at the base later that day. As we were 16 going on 17 we later had the tricky task of convincing our mothers to co-sign the application forms!! 1976 and 1977 were interesting years. We went thru basic training at the unit level; participated in typical weekend training in the bush; attended the infantry course in Camp Aldershot, NS in the summer of summer of 76; froze our butts off during winter warfare exercises; trained on the browning 7.62mm GPMG. (By the time Keith and Alex McGruer got to train on the 50 cal MG (and actually fire live rounds!) I had moved to Calgary with my family in 1978 and transferred to the Reg Force.)
Keith loved to drive — anything! At the time his favourite was the military one ton Dodge 4×4 trucks. What a time he had out on exercise! Every chance he had he was driving the Dodge – in the gnarliest of places and the steeper the incline the better until he got stuck. But always a smile on his face. When we were both 17 we got our drivers’ licences and for some strange reason – beknownst only to the teenage mind – we both had to drive our mothers cars….at the same time. If we decided to go somewhere, it was in both cars. No it couldn’t just be in one car, because we both wanted to drive! He in the red Mercury Comet and I in the blue Chevy Vega. Until one day we drove just too close together. Keith braked suddenly, and yes, you know what happened…..the Chevy front bumper met the Ford rear bumper and attempted to be one. Try explaining that one to your mother! Yup, I didn’t have free reign in the Chevy after that. Keith’s mom wasn’t too pleased either. LOL.
I was posted to Gagetown in the 80’s and was able to visit Keith for a few weeks in St.John’s. After that my postings were all out west and it became harder to travel to Nfld. But thru all the subsequent years we always managed to chat by phone and later by text. I was fortunate to have seen him during the zoom video meeting regarding the regimental association on 6 November of this year. It’s hard to believe Keith is gone. I will miss him terribly. He certainly was the shining light in the room. And if I may be permitted to borrow a line from a famous poem, Keith has “slipped the surly bonds of earth and touched the face of God”. Rest in peace my dear friend.

Lived next door to Keith on Pennywell Road. For five years and we have been friends ever since. Lots of barbecues and laughs. He’ll be missed.

Rest in Peace Sully!
Thank you

We were so saddened to hear of the sudden passing of Keith. Keith had been our Neighbour for many years
He will Certainly be missed. Hugs
Cyril & Elaine Best

Condolences to the Family on the passing of Keith He will be missed Keith Hill & Staff GCR / Kal Tire Kenmount Rd

I was saddened to hear about the passing away of Sully:
He was a person who would help you from the kindness of his heart.
He was a good person when you needed someone even to talk to..
He will be greatly missed by all that knew him.
Peter Kavanagh.

Bev, Ray and family, sorry to hear of Bev’s brother passing on. The void that is left hurts!!

Bev Ray and Family as well as Carol and Kyle I send my condolences to you all upon learning about Keith’s passing. Bev. I know how close your relationship with your brother Keith has always been. I actually, only learned of his passing after reading Melanie’s post. It is difficult to believe he will have his viewing on John’s birthday. Life is just too short. May Keith Rest In Peace.

I could write a book…. instead I will just say farewell to my brother from another mother, my cohort, my handsome teddy bear.
Another piece of my heart went to heaven the day you left. I will hold the empty space open until we meet again and you put it back in place.
Home will never be the same.
Condolences to Bev and all of us left behind.
Love you always ‘Keithy’

I was deeply saddened to hear of Keith’s passing. I’ve known Sully since our time together in the Army Reserves back in the early 70’s, and we bumped into each other many times over the years. A truly great guy, and everyone I’ve met over the years that knew him had nothing but good things to say about him. He was a good friend and will be deeply missed by his family and many friends.

Rest in Peace, brother.

Started to work with Sully in the early 80’s offshore and throughout his career. Kept in touch from time to time even in his taxi driving days. Great guy who would do anything to help if needed, anytime anywhere. RIP

Keith came to nearly all of our parties here on London Road. He made pasta and meat sauce for Derek and me. He brought a bottle of wine for my last birthday. He was always present at the great lobster-boil at Linda and Vernon’s.. Part of our lives. He will be sadly missed. God rest his soul.

With sincere condolences to Bev and all family,

Keith was a larger than life guy for sure.
I met him offshore in the 80’s when he worked with casing crews (after his Sedco days where he had the nickname BamBam😊).
Stayed in touch with him as we lived in the same neighbourhood. He always had a good story about something.
I’m going to miss his stories, miss those visits to his house and miss him taking pictures at the Remembrance Day Ceremonies. My wife and I always got our first Christmas card from Keith.
He was passionate about what he did and what he believed in, a good friend.
He will be sadly missed by my wife and I.
Stand Easy BamBam 😞🙏

Condolences to the Sullivan family,,sorry for your great loss.

Bev and Ray, our condolences on Keith’s passing. We pray for you at this time of loss. May the peace of the Lord be with you all. Bob and Pauline MacArthur

Bev, Ray and Family,
So sorry for your loss. As friends and members of the Legion Family we would like to pass along our condolences and hope that knowing you are in our thoughts will in some small way help during this difficult time.
Alan, Cindy, Carolyn and Heather Crane
Kingston Branch #30

Beverly & Family
We were in shock to hear of Keith’s ,sudden passing.Through our many years of friendship we had shared so much.No matter where we had lived Keith ,would show up at our door and it was as if no time had passed. Words of sympathy feel inadequate in expressing our grief and sorrow for a loss so great.The candle may go out, but the memory of Keith’s light remains.
Our sincere condolences
.Fred & Brenda Mate

RIP Sully. My condolences to your family. “Better Than The Best”

I never had the chance to get to know Keith very well. The last time I saw him was at our Aunt Maureen’s back in September 2001 when I came home to see my daughter start kindergarten. He was always kind to me and looking back at it, he was very kind to Aunt Maureen. My father always spoke well of him as did our Uncle Ed. Reading the condolences, it saddens me that I never had the opportunity to know him better.

Condolences to you Bev and the extended family , from what I have heard and read, he was a well respected man and a friend to many – may he rest in peace

Dear Bev. So sorry about your brother . It is fo hard to lose a sibling . Take care my friend.

Dear Bev So sad to hear that Keith (Sully) has passed, he has been a friend of the Family since he was a teenager. My hubby had him as a Cadet in 2515 St. John’s Army – he later dated my sister-in-law and became a great friend, especially at Salmonier Line. He was so considerate to me when Iost a younger brother in 1985 in Helicopter Crash, I think because he lost so many friends on the Ocean Ranger and he could relate to the sorrow. He has called a couple of times in the last couple of years checking on my hubby, who had been sick and checking to see how the Family is doing.! always so thoughtful – a couple of years ago…Keith was having hot water boiler problems and even though Ted couldn’t help much – Keith came picked him up and off they went to Pennywell Rd to install the new boiler. “He is only there to supervise and let us know what needs to be done and to hook it up when finished” I promise I will look after him and bring him back in one piece, which now includes his cane: I think this just after himself had back surgery, but he was so use to calling and Ted would go and do electrical work when Keith was renovating the house over the years. He will certainly be missed ! BIG HUGS

Bev and family,
I am so saddened by the loss of such a great man. He was a friend I could depend on. I will miss his phone calls when he seen me out walking on my lunch break, I willll miss his taxi rides to and from the airport. But most of all his stories.
Keith was a true friend and a very caring person. He was a hard worker and never asked for anything in life.
My heart is broken for such a loss. I am so greatful he was a part of my life and even more greatful that I got to enjoy one last taxi ride with him on Friday morning.
Rest in peace my dear friend.

sorry to hear of keith passing i will miss him goodbye good friend

A true gentleman and dear friend, had quite a few good laughs together over the years. Sending condolences to his family and friends.

Very sorry to hear of Sullys passing , I have known him since the 70s , always a nice and respectful person.May he rest in peace.

After the lobster boil at Vernon’s and Linda’s Keith gave us a lift home with a trip up to Signal Hill, with his historical comments all the way! One of a kind, he was!

Deepest condolences to the family on the passing of Keith.

may you rest in peace as many yarns shared offshore in our working days .
Graham Hickey

Keith, it’s Monday November 14 and we had a lunch date for 1 o’clock….can’t believe you won’t be picking me up🥲I am so thankful for the phone calls a few days before you left us and for the 35 years of true friendship, you meant so much to all my family. I am thankful your departure was quick as I know all to well that you weren’t “the most patience of patients” and didn’t want to depend on others. Beverly, Ray and family you meant so much to Keith and he was looking forward to seeing you over Christmas.. Rest In Peace Keith, you so deserve eternal happiness. Sincerely Anna and all the Gough family.

Keith, you were definitely a force and a kind and gentle giant. My late husband Tom certainly enjoyed having you as a roommate when you both were in the hospital together several years ago and Tom definitely enjoyed your many stories. You have left your mark on this world and for me….I’m so glad I knew you. Beverly, please know that I’m especially thinking of you and I’m praying that you and your family will find the strength to get through this. God Bless you and may Keith rest in Blessed Peace. 🙏🙏

I’m still gobsmacked. I wish I could get back to Newfoundland for the service. Keith worked for Dad at Bugden’s Taxi and never forgot a Christmas card to Mom. We will miss him dearly..
John Taylor-Johnston and family

I was fortunate to know Keith for many years. Just a wonderful man who was pleasant and colourful to talk to. I will miss seeing him around.

Keith loved St. John’s and enjoyed passing on the history of others whom were interested. Everywhere he went, a piece of home was always in his heart and repeatedly called him home.

Keith loved people and enjoyed dropping in to say hello and check in on those whom were a little lonely, not feeling well and who just needed a laugh.

Every few months we’d get a call from Keith to see how things were going (in Ontario) and to check in on his little cousin. Keith never missed a birthday or holiday either as he was always thinking of others.

It seems unreal that we won’t be hearing from him anymore but it’s lovely to read all the attributes to him. Keith is a measure for others that kindness and love is the greatest reward.

He will be missed. May he RIP.

My sincere condolences to his sister Keith will be sadly missed by all that knew him ..R.I.P. My Friend..

Sorry to hear of Keith’s passing. My prayers are with you and your family at this time. May he rest in peace.

Bev and family sending condolences to you all. I was heart broken to hear of Keith’s passing. I met Keith around 5 years ago at my work place and he would be one of my first customers every morning . He would come in and yell out my name and many times frightening me and we would laugh and then have our morning chats. I miss you Keith and I hear your voice every morning. RIP my friend 😢 💔 🙏

I was deeply saddened to hear of Keith’s passing. I knew him from Erin’s Pub, where I played as an entertainer. He was always in good humour and always there to lend a hand if needed. I will miss him. My deepest condolences to you all.

Wow….. i never imagined you would be gone so soon. You and I shared many stories on the road and as always yours where more interesting. SARG, you will be truly missed and I can only hope you are training the angels in heaven how the Sarg works. Hahaha going miss you my friend.
Nothing is harder than saying a final goodbye, but the memories live on. Thanks for those memories Keith…

Very sorry to hear of Keith’s passing

So sorry to hear of Sully’s passing. Many cherished memories of him over the years….god love him. He will be missed by many.

To Keith’s sister, Beverly and family:
We were very sorry to hear of Keith’s sudden passing. I meet him back in the late 80’s while working for J. F. Gough, CA. At that time Keith was the prompt courier for the firm. It was certainly a pleasure to have known him. I remember one Christmas: he had his mother bake me a cherry cake (which was delicious). Another year he delivered a wooden sledge that he had hand crafted. It was such a thoughtful gift, and it was so generous of him to think about me. After my retirement he would occasionally “drop” into our house, just to say hello and see how we were doing. I haven’t seen Keith for a few years, but he will be missed. Sincere sympathy to his family and friends. Ruby Hiscock

Sorry to hear of your loss. . Keith was always a great friend , full of great stories, Always offering a hand If you need help. My Condolences to you and your family

Beverly and family, sorry to hear of the passing of your loved one, keith( Sully). Prayers and thoughts 🙏 with all. He will be missed by all, but never forgotten. RIP Sir. 🙏

Dear Beverley, Helen and Paula: i am so sorry to hear of Keith’s passing. I got to know him for so many years at Sunday dinners. He became a good friend. His presence made for a jolly and happy time for all. He will be greatly missed. Thoughts and prayers are with you today. Basil Ryan

Bev and family so sorry to hear of Keith’s passing, he was a unique person to say the least. He was a good friend and fellow worker for a lot of years, he will be missed, RIP Sarge.

Bev & Family

So sorry for your loss. Our heartfelt condolences to you & your family. May your many memories together help heal & console you. Hugs my friend.