Noel "Derm" Dobbin

December 27, 1940 to April 21, 2021



It’s hard to live in St. John’s and not know Noel “Derm” Dobbin.

Derm was born in the capital city on December 27, 1940, one of 11 children to Rita (Power) and Patrick. He grew up on King’s Bridge Road, where he famously burned down their family home by playing with matches as a child.

He met Ethel Power when he was 17 and she was 13. He was immediately smitten and Ethel was captivated by his charm and joie de vivre.  They married in 1967 and had three children: Bradley, Gregory (Gig) and Julie.

Derm spent one year studying torts at University of Ottawa and decided he’d much rather be an entrepreneur. In 1973, he started a construction business in Saint John, N.B.  But, like many Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, he felt the call of home.

He moved N.D. Dobbin and the family to St. John’s in 1981 and specialized in the general contracting business. Over the years, the company expanded to include a hotel, a painting company, property management, and various real estate ventures.

Through the ups and downs of the life as an entrepreneur, Derm always remained relentlessly optimistic. He believed a chuckle beats a sigh any day of the week. In fact, the family thinks he was an unwitting early adopter of Oprah’s power of positive thinking. No matter what happened in the industry – contracts cancelled or missed opportunities – he’d shrug: “Another bus is always around the corner.” The only negative thought he conceded is that “this aging stuff is for the birds.”

At one point, he was convinced to start a high-end restaurant called The Vault that wowed national food critics but was short-lived. And he, and his brother Craig, made headlines when they bought a Major Junior Hockey Team, and named it the Fog Devils, in an effort to boost community pride and the sports scene in the province.

Many have noted that Derm always seemed larger than life. This is true. The family has appreciated hearing the many stories, like when he served up Caesars from the trunk of his car early morning on the Bell Island ferry during the Dobbin family reunion, or the time he streaked through the streets of Las Vegas. He magically seemed to be able to get tickets and front row seats to any event.

The kids had a wonderful childhood. They travelled, often at the last second, to visit cousins and friends in Florida, New England and other places. Derm would coast over every speed bump and hill, ignore every rule of the road and charm every police officer. In fact, a police car even escorted the family to Disney after Derm was stopped for driving on the shoulder of the road to get around heavy traffic on the highway. His driving only got more colourful when Uncle Jay deputized him and gave him a badge.

Derm and Ethel were known for their famous parties on Tonbridge Place. And, as the kids grew up, this house became a welcome haven for the kids and their friends. Tonbridge Place was always full of teenagers. Derm once offered his car to one of Julie’s friends to pick up someone. He replied: “Mr. Dobbin, I am 14.”

He also held a special place in his heart for all his nieces and nephews. He picked up his godchild Tracey from school every year on her birthday to bring her to the best or newest restaurant in town for lunch. (No matter if he was late getting her back to school.)

Derm and Ethel later separated but their bond never wavered. He relied on her advice (and sharp zingers) to guide him through all aspects of business and life. They talked all the time and often had dinners together. The kids always thought they might eventually find their way back together and it was ironic that they spent the last few weeks of his life at Kenny’s Pond under the same roof. He visited her room recently and quipped: “Move over and make room for me in the bed, Eth!”

Derm enjoyed meals with Gig and Julie’s cuisine, and watching his beloved basketball with Brad, even going to the Big East with the Ashe family or games in Toronto. He loved Sunday gatherings at his place. He loved his grandchildren, Lucy, Katie, Molly and Maggie who have such happy memories of afternoons at Papa Derm’s pond on Old Broad Cove Road. He welcomed all their friends to his home and he was thrilled that they also called him Papa Derm.

The only time his home was off limits was during his weekly Friday afternoon card games with the same motley crew he played with for more than 40 years.  The card games always led to trouble and Derm was known to cancel his business trips early to make sure he arrived home in time for the party.

He also loved golf, spending much of the winter in Florida, and catching up on the political scene. Everyone liked to be around him and he often ended chats with: “I enjoyed your company today.” Walking with him on the street was like walking with a celebrity. He stopped to talk to everyone –  “Nice to see you, my man!” “How are you, young lady?” (no matter what the age) – and was a favourite patron at many restaurants around town. He even created his own parking space at the former Newfoundland Hotel. The staff eventually stopped planting flowers in that spot. He treated everyone with great respect, from the ushers at Mile One to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

Papa Derm was universally known for his joyful nature, kindness and sense of fun. Many of his business contacts became life-long friends. He was generous to a fault and gave many people new starts and opportunities. He paid for his employees to get medical treatments off the island with unlimited time off. He helped support new ventures and businesses. If you came to him with a problem, he’d say, “Leave it with me”.

In 2015, he sponsored a family from war-torn Syria to the safety of St. John’s. Zaid, the little boy, then two, has hemophilia and would likely have died in a camp if they hadn’t moved to Canada where he now has proper treatment.

More than once, Derm rescued his own kids from various misadventures in their youth. Even as adults, they knew he was always there for them no matter what. It’s impossible to believe that he is gone.

Papa Derm will be greatly missed and fondly remembered by so many.

He leaves to mourn his wife, Ethel; sons Brad (Susanne) and Gregory; daughter Julie (Glenn); grandchildren Lucy; Katie, Molly, Maggie; sisters Marion (Dr. Walter Tucker), Rita (Edwin Dodge), Margo (William Stinson); brothers Basil (Jenna) and Barney (Elizabeth): as well as a large number of nieces, nephews, cousins, dear friends, business colleagues and employees.

Derm was predeceased by his parents, Rita and Patrick; in-laws Greg and Mary Power; and siblings Patrick, Dennis, Craig, Maureen and Judy.

Visitation will take place at Carnell’s Funeral home on Monday, April 26 and Tuesday, April 27 from 2-4 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. and will follow public health protocols.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a private funeral mass will be live-streamed on Wednesday, April 28 at 9:30 a.m. by viewing this link:

A celebration of life will take place at a later date when family can safely travel home.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Association for New Canadians, Choices for Youth, or a charity of your choice.



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Ethel, Greg, Julie, Brad and the Dobbin Family,
My deepest sympathy to you at this time. I was saddened to hear of Derm’s passing. He was truly a man who lived life to the fullest.
I remember first time meeting Derm in August 2014, when Derm hired me to Manage, his recently acquired, St Jude Hotel. His directness was embellished with sincerity, warmth and generosity. Over the next 24 years, as both my boss and business partner, I felt privledged to know Derm and to have met his family. Derm’s smile and resounding greeting filled the air and always made you feel so welcome. Business was business but it was never without taking time to chat about important things: what was happening in family life. Derm was supportive in so many ways and cared about people on a personal level. While he was always “Mr. Dobbin” to his hotel employees, he was always “Derm” when spoken of during and after his many hotel visits where he greeted all with the same warmth and left, leaving all with whom he interacted, feeling that they were important and respected.
Greg, Julie and Brad: You each carry you Dad’s warm, welcoming spirit which I trust you will carry on in his name. I learned alot from Derm that I will carry forward. At our initial meeting he commented: “I’m giving you that hotel to run as if it is yours. If you don’t hear from me you know all is good but, if I start calling, you know we have a problem.” The next 24 years spoke for themselves. RIP Derm. You will be missed for sure.

My deepest sympathy to Derm’s family. Had many fun times with lots of laughs with Derm over the years. It was an honour to have spent time with him and to have been in business with him. RIP Derm

Dear Ethel, Brad, Gig, Julie and family,

I am very sorry for your loss. Derm was a great guy, very outgoing and friendly. We have wonderful memories of your time in Saint John NB as our neighbours. My love and prayers are with you.

Sandy Levine

I am really to hear about your dad. I remember him from when we were kids as one of those big personality grown ups.
I am very sorry for your loss.

I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your dad.
All the best to you and your family.

Brad , Susanne & family
We are so sorry to hear of your Dad’s passing , it sounds like he had a wonderful life and family. May he rest in peace.

I’m sorry that you have lost this special unique man from your life. I hope you are okay. You have such a beautiful strong spirit that you will survive this loss of a man who was such a large part of your life. Stay strong and close to God. Thinking of you with much love.

Marion and all the Dobbin Family my deepest condolences on the lost of your brother, uncle, brother and grandfather. My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time.

My deepest and sincerest sympathies to brother, Basil and the entire Dobbin family.

Brad Harris
142 Route 105
Lower St. Mary’s, NB
E3A 8E9

Dear Ethel, Brad, Julie, and Gig,

I was so sorry to hear of Derm’s passing. It is a very difficult time and my heart goes out to you all. Sending you prayers and love.


My deepest condolences to the family ,I worked for Derm for years and he was one of the best I ever worked for,He will be ever missed

Basil and Marion So sad to read about Derm, May he rest in peace, our prayers are with you.
Ruth(Casey and Brian Savaria

Brad, Julie and Gig,
We were so sorry to learn of your dad’s passing.. Please convey our deepest sympathy to your mom., and the rest of the family.

Bob and Carolyn

Brad and family,

I am so very sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences to you and your family during this very sad time.

Brad, Julie and the Dobbin family.: I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your dad. He was a great friend to my family over the years and is held in the highest regard. I hope your many fond memories of him make this time a little easier. May he Rest In Peace.

My deepest condolences on the passing of Derm.
I know he was very dear to you.
He will never be forgotten.

So sad to hear about Derm’s passing. Sincere condolences to the Dobbin family.

Sam and Shobhitha

Ethel, Brad, Julie, Greg and Brian.

Our sincerest condolences on the passing of a great family man and friend. I first met Derm in 1990 and since then he has been a close friend and most of all a mentor. The family’s obituary brilliantly reflects Derm as I remember him.
There are hundreds, possibly thousands of stories that speak to the unique person that Derm Dobbin was. One story that came up here in Kitchener when my family reflected on their memories of Derm took place in the Basilica. My daughter and I were in Saint John’s for a wedding and spent time with Derm and his card playing buddies. We were at Sunday mass with Derm in the Basilica, mass was well underway, and all was quiet…………then Dorm’s cell phone rang breaking the holy silence. No problem for Derm! Answering the phone in his gregarious loud voice saying “Hold on I’m at mass in the basilica” he left the pew. Everyone in the church expected him to leave to take this important call, not Derm. He went behind the adjacent column somehow thinking if he couldn’t see the congregation, they wouldn’t hear him and continued the call. Everyone including the priest heard that there was going to be an impromptu card game at Reg’s that afternoon. Derm came back to the pew and the mass continued.
We will miss Derm greatly, safe journey.

I was sad to learn of Derms passing. I knew Derm at St Bon’s. We hung out together. He was bigger than life, a lot of fun and never afraid to take a chance.
Having been living away for many years I did not know him as a business man and family man, but he sure made his mark..
Sincere condolences to his family. Treasure the beautiful memories
Joe FitzGibbon

So very sorry or hear of Derms passing
My sincere condolences to the Dobbin family
My thoughts and prayers are with you this morning.
Rest in peace Mr. D

Dobbin Family, So sorry to hear the lost of a Great man Derm Dobbin sending our deepest condolences Don & Gale Pretty of Dildo.

Dobbin family.

Very sorry to hear that Derm has passed. A great man and friend over the years, I never did win a card game from him..

RIP my friend

Barry Clouter

Ethel and the Dobbin family,
I am very sorry to hear that Derm has passed away.
I remember him fondly from years ago – he always had a smile on his face and a kind word.
My sincere condolences.
Mary-lou. Rossiter

Brad and family, so sad to hear that this larger than life man has passed! Our thoughts and prayers are with you!
Betty and Carl Cooper

It was a pleasure to have met Derm. In the 10 years I worked for NDDobbin I never met him without a short conversation on work and a question how the family was., along with a smile and handshake. The Taylor family do send their deepest condolences

I am grateful to have known him.

Kevin J Power

My deepest condolences to all the family,. I was fortunate enough to know the funny, generous side of Derm by at one time being married to Ethel’s brother Don. Love Aunt Cathy

Sincere condolences to all members of the large Dobbin family. I met Derm at St Bon,S and we were classmates for two years. Always fun loving and somewhat mischievous but never got “caught”. True to his friends right to the end.“ My man” You left your Mark and will be deeply missed. RIP.
Bernie Leonard

Margo, I read of your brother’s passing in our Saint John paper. My condolences to you and your family. . Sounds like your brother lived life to the fullest -full of adventure yet caring and thoughtful of others. Would love to reconnect with you . Think of you often. Louise McCarthy

My sincere condolences to the Dobbin Family. Derm was in every sense a larger than life personality with a heart and sense of humour to match. It has been honour and a privilege for me to have known him.
The obituary accurately epiomizes the essenece of who Derm was and how he lived his life.
Rest in Peace Derm
Jim Murray

To Derm’s siblings and his family,
I am sorry for your loss. It was nice to have known Derm and bumping into him on occasion. He was certainly a hail fellow well met.

Derm was a dear friend, mentor & business colleague, Derm was such an amazing man there’s to much to list, Derm was the most Fearless person I have ever known, My deepest condolences to the Dobbin family , I will miss you “My Man & Rest in Peace Brother”

Joe & Cindy Fiander

My husband ,Dave Ryan , was a great friend of all the Dobbin boys . Dave ‘s and Derms Birthday was the same date and year . They are both passed on . So sorry for you loss,

Such a wonderful man, such a huge loss. Condolences to Derm’s family, friends and loved ones. He will be missed.

Our sincere condolences to The Dobbin family. We were shocked to hear of Derms passing, a wonderful caring generous human being, His personality took him wherever he wanted to go, helping others along the way,. He will be truly missed by so many, a loss to us all. Rest In Peace Derm .
Gaby and Boots Lewis, Saint John NB

Those we loved don’t go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.

Words are inadequate but may these help in some small way. To the Marian, Rita, Margo and the Dobbin family My prayers and thoughts are there with you today.

To the Dobbin family,

Sincere sympathy Ethel and the Dobbin family on the passing of husband father and grandfather.
It is som refreshing to read when lives change and still the father was there for their Mother and that the lines of communication was kept open..

The Obituary was so warmly written there is a message for all to ponder over.
God bless you Ethel and the Dobbin family.

So Sorry to hear of Derm,”s passing always remenber him with a smile happy and kind to everyone
Always made everyone feel special
In the Summer we lived on the Indian Meal Line near the Dobbins Derm would take us all in their Jeep up the gravel road dust going every wear Lots of Fun
RIP Derm

So sorry to hear of Derm’s passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.

Blessings, Linda, Judy and Charmaine Spencer

TO the Dobbin Family
Marg & I offer our deepest and sincere Condolences to you.

I never met either of you, but I knew Derm, he was a man among men, a friend, he was a person who made all of us laugh.

I will do my little part by keep his memory alive.

Rest easy my Friend
Jack & Marg Parsons

To Derm’s family,
My condolences on his passing. He was certainly a fine gentleman with a smile for everyone.

Rest In Peace Derm

Derm’s family
He was a man for all Seasons and situations.
As Ulysses saith “ He drank life to the lees “
His obit is inspiring indeed –
Derm touched all the bases on his home run trot – he made a difference to many on the road of his life
Those who knew him surely will remember him fondly .
Rest In Peace- my friend

My Condolences to the Dobbin family, Derm was one of the most amazing people I’ve ever known. He was a fountain of knowledge. He treated me like one of the family and I’ll never forget how much he loved to have a laugh. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this difficult time.

Very sorry to hear of Derm’s passing but so uplifted
By that special obituary !
It highlights his great attitude
love of family and friends and great business and charitable contributions
To Brad and Suzanne and. the entire family our deepest
sympathies and prayers are extended

Derm’s Family,

Thoughts, prayers and condolences at this sad and difficult time.

Joan (Power) Peddle

To Marion and family
So sorry to hear of the passing of your brother Derm
Sincerely Max and Phyllis

I grew up in St. John’s but never met Derm, to my knowledge. I knew Craig slightly through the scouts.
I just want to say that picture was almost magnetic. The most genuine look of love of life and laughter I think I’ve ever seen. I wish I had known him.

So beautifully written Susanne!
Sending our love to all of you on the passing of a larger than life soul, Uncle Derm.
I remember so fondly our Christmas Day dinners at Tonbridge – always a great time with family.

Much love,
Alex and Julia

I always loved Derm. It’s as simple as that.
Kind, caring, funny and charming.
Simply a joy to be around and a great, great man.
Condolences from our family to yours at this difficult time.

Peter, Tor, and I shared many delightful experiences with Derm and family both in New Brunswick and in Newfoundland. Tor and I will always remember his warm and welcoming demeanour, his generous spirit, and his ebullient personality.

Peter, Tor, and I shared many delightful experiences with Derm and family both in New Brunswick and in Newfoundland. Tor and I will always remember his warm and welcoming demeanour, his generous spirit, and his ebullient personality.

Sincere Condolences to the Dobbin family. We had more than one chuckle over the years. Fond memories of Mr Dobbin. Thinking of you all during this difficult time.

Sincere condolences to Mr Dobbins Family & Friends
Our company was a sub contractor for N D dobbin for many years but we really only got to meet him when he moved to The Narrows. He always had a huge smile and very friendly . RIP

Here’s to a Man who lived life to the fullest.
Here’s to a Man who was Fearless – and Kind.
Here’s to a Man who left behind so many Good Deeds and Good Memories.
Here’s to a great Newfoundlander.
Rest In Peace Derm
With Deepest Sympathy to all the family.
Paula & Pat

Sincere condolences Ethel to you and all the family. I’m not sure I’ve even seen Derm since Mercy/St. Bon’s days but certainly knew of his life.. I know he will certainly leave a big void in all your lives.. You are in my thoughts.

Take care..

My sympathy to the Dobbin family. Derm was a great supporter of St. Bon’s and I recall that generosity while I was there.. He helped with the restoration of the Chapel when St. Bon’s reopened in 1999. He was a faithful parishioner of the Basilica at 11:00 Sunday Mass until his illness. I will remember him in our Masses at the Basilica and we will remember him in prayer. We also pray for the consolation of his family. May Derm rest in the loving and peaceful arms of Jesus, the Good Shepherd.
Fr. Cecil Critch, Rector

Very sorry for your deep loss!
Sending condolences to the Family and many Friends!
Sharing a memory of Derm and my first meeting with him.
I was 14, it was the first day of my very first job as an ice cream maker at the old fashioned ice cream parlour on Torbay Road.
Derm was my very first customer and ordered a fancy looking dessert.
It took me (what felt like forever) to read the recipe, gather the ingredients and put it together for him. I apologized for taking so long and he just smiled and said “take your time, there’s no need to rush yourself.”
Finally, I presented him his order (that looked NOTHING like the picture of the one he asked for). He told me it looked great and that it was all going to get mushed together when he ate it anyways. He then left me a tip that was more than the cost of the ice cream. My very first tip and a very positive first work experience. I carried that with me my entire life…”not perfect is not a failure either!”

Years later, I met Gigs dad, and realized he was the man who made such a positive impact on my very first day at work.
Small things are sometimes huge! Always be kind! Sending much love!

Our deepest condolences to the family on the loss of Derm…. a wonderful father. Hope the memory of his love will stay with all of you and bring you peace. You are all in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.

To Ethel, Brad, Julie and Gregory
I would have first met Derm when hanging out at the Power household with Gerry in our teen age years.
I remember him from those early days as a fun loving personality with that big smile, and in later years I realized the scope of this larger than life personality, full of exuberance, capability and confidence, while also being compassionate, loyal to a fault.. In later years, I had the pleasure of doing a bit of business with him and enjoyed the banter while visiting him at his home in Mitchell’s Pond. He was also most interested in hearing about how others were doing and was keen to see others succeed. At one of our many get togethers at Mitchell’s Pond, I asked Derm why he was doing business with me when he knew everyone in St. John’s and could pick and choose anyone at all . He gave me a one line answer saying : “Your father gave me my first job”. That says much about the man who will be missed by many.
Sincere condolences to all of his immediate and extended family.
Chris O’Dea

Derm was always entertaining at lunch at Hotel Nfld.. His usual friends and cronies always created a great atmosphere with their Number game as to who will pay the check. Derm was always Pleasure to serve. for many years.

Ethel, Julie, Bradley and Gregory,
I am so saddened by your loss. Derm was a great husband, father, grandfather, brother and uncle and a great friend and mentor to me and many others. The world is just not the same without his presence.
I met Derm almost 30 years ago. First through my football pool and then through working on various projects with him during the 90’s. Even after I stopped doing my football pool and went on to other work, Derm always kept in touch. He was like that. Once a year, Gail would call and say “Mr. Dobbin would like to take you to lunch”.
In the last 3 years or so, I started doing my Saturday supper visits. I’d fill up my cooler bag and head down to Derm’s where I’d cook up some food, we’d chat, I’d probe for some classic “Derm tales”, get some patented “Derm advice”, have a few drinks, some laughs and watch sports. Often I would suggest inviting friends over and it didn’t matter who it was, Derm was always genuinely interested in meeting new people and warmly welcomed them all with his charisma and charm. I know for me it became one of the highlights of my week. I like to think it was for Derm as well.
As I’m fond of saying, they don’t make ’em like Derm anymore. He was a one-of-a-kind larger-than-life figure and will be sorely missed. I know I miss him. RIP Big Guy.

Hello Ethel: You may not remember me but I fiirst met Derm when he attended St. Mary’s University in Halifax (in fact his brother Basil was also there at the time). In the early 60’s. I think you may have gone to St.F.X. if my memory serves me correctly. Anyway you lived in Saint John for a few years and I was able to rekindle our relationship. A hard man to forget and I still remember some of the crazy times we had together. Through our mutual friend John Barry I have been pretty much kept up to date on Derm’s (and yours) situation. I extend sincere condolences to you and your family. Bobby & Judy Kane

Although it has been many years since the Dobbins resided in Saint John, they have not been forgotten. We offer our sympathy to all of Derm’s family with a smile as we remember him with fondness as their young family made a memorable impression on the West Side when our sons were of similar ages. To Ethel in particular, we offer sincere sympathy as we take ourselves back to memories of university days in Antigonish and wonder where the years have gone. Please accept our sincere condolences.. Jane and David Barry

Condolences to the Dobbin family.I only your father and husband for about a year .I had the privilege of taking care of him at Kenny’s pond.He was a very caring person,always had a smile for you and a story or two..It was a privilege to have know him for a short while.May he Rest In Peace.

Brad, Susanne, the Girls, and the Dobbin Family,

Our deepest condolences – our thoughts are with you.;
We were saddened to learn that your Dad, Poppa Derm, has passed. Although we only met him on a couple of occasions, we knew him to be a kind hearted and gentle man.
You have many great memories of him to cherish – may they help ease the pain.
He will remain forever in your hearts – he is not far away.

Uncle Brice & Aunt Nada

Condolences to the Dobbin family , I had the pleasure of working for Mr.Dobbin for several years a great man, when at work or social functions he always called me the big guy.Thinking of you all at this difficult time.

Sad to learn that Derm has passed. We both grew up on Torbay Rd where his dad had a lumber yard. We were classmates at St. Bonaventure’s college and from very early school days his ambition was to be a businessman.He was involved in many over the years.

My deepest sympathy to his wife and family.

Cherish all the wonderful life memories he left behind.

May his soul R.I.P

He is having dinner in heaven tonight with St.Bonaventure and some of the great blue and gold sportsman who played sports in our day as well as the many excellent teachers we had at that great school,ST.BON’S

Dear Julie,
Your father was an incredible man, full of spirit and his generosity had no boundaries. He loved your friends and always opened his home so we always felt “at home.” I will always be grateful for the opportunity to visit with you (along with Shannon and Jennifer) at your Dad’s condo in St. Pete’s. That weekend will go down in history – and a big part of all of that was due to your Dad’s love of connection, family and friends. Big hugs to you and your family. So very sorry for your loss. xxoo

One of the nicest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure to do business with. RIP. Condolences to the entire extended family!
Melvin Nash

Derm.’s Family. I am sorry to read of Derm’s death. We worked together on a number of commercial projects and he also gave generously to St Bon’ s, both the chapel restoration and replacing the front steps. He was a pleasure to work with and, indeed, a “character”.

Sincerely Janet

Dear Brad, Susanne and the whole Dobbin family,
Very sorry to hear of Mr. Dobbin’s passing.
He was so welcoming and will be missed!
Sending our sincere condolences,
Catherine, Doug, Charlie and James

To the Dobbin family
I am so sorry for your loss
Derm was an extraordinary man.
It was an honour and a privilege to know him.
Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

To the Dobbin Family
So sorry to hear of Derm’s passing. He was one of a kind for sure. We extend our most sincere condolences to his family.

Ethel and family, Basil, Marian, Rita, Margo and Barney

So sorry to hear of Derm’s passing.. Loosing a brother is always difficult. Rest In Peace Derm.

Pat and Pat

Barney, Marian& Dobbin family,
Thinking of you at this time of such great loss.

I was very sad to hear of Derm’s passing.
I knew Derm from my many years working with Tom Kendell. Derm was a breath of fresh air and larger than life, always with a smile on his face. His familiar greeting of ‘how ya doin’ Jude’ is how I will always remember him.
My deepest sympathies to the Dobbin family.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the many friends and family of the great Derm Dobbin. Derm was a legend. Smart, brave, fun loving, kind and the most positive person I’ve ever met. The picture attached to his obituary captures his essence perfectly. Heaven just got a regular game of growl, a raucous golf league and probably a junior hockey team. More importantly, it has a new God father for every soul up there. Especially today, our world needs more people like Derm. Family, friends and faith will get all through this sad time and focus us on a life so joyously lived every day. God speed “my man”. You will be greatly missed and never forgotten. It was our pleasure and gift to have known you.

To the Dobbin family, please accept my condolences on the passing. of your husband, Dad, brother, uncle and friend. Derm was a force of nature, his big smile, joyful and warm presence, his crackerjack attitude to life, were genuine and truly infectious. We worked together on a number of things and he was always a pleasure to be around. Before going into meetings or hearings, we’d give each other maybe the equivalent of a sporting thumbs up. “Showtime”! A kind and unforgettable gentleman, may he rest in heavenly peace.

Sad to see that Derm has passed away. He was indeed a fun person to be around and will be sorely missed by his family and friends. Kind condolences to his immediate family and to all extended family members at this difficult time.

Our condolences to Julie and the Dobbin family on the passing of your dad ,heis in gods hands now

Dearest Ethel, Brad, Greg, and Julie,

So sorry to hear of Derm’s passing, I know how much his larger than life presence will be missed by family, friends, and former employees alike.

I first met Derm in 1994 when he hired me as a fresh out of school accountant. Larger than life, he was 10 feet tall and bulletproof in my eyes, an eternal optimist, the stuff of legends. It wasn’t long before he was calling me “my man”, and while he said that to many, it always held special meaning to me.

For 25 years he was my mentor, my boss, my business partner, and most importantly my friend. He taught me almost everything I know about business, about life, and our daily discussions about business and sports were very special. We shared an almost unhealthy passion for the latter, loving all things sports.

His kindness, generosity and charisma knew no bounds, he treated everyone the same, with mutual respect.

The stories he relayed about his escapades were the stuff of legends, and I often mused to him that he should write a book to document it all!

Condolences to all extended family members and friends. Rest in peace big guy, you will be dearly missed.


He brought us together on a blind date , and 50 years plus later ,3 boys , 2 grand kids , we are still together ! He and Ethel are and will always be our dearest friends! We shared many great times and memories together , still remembered by our kids ,
He was dearly loved by all who were lucky to know him,! My heart goes out to his family , who he cherished very much !
Fred Liz, Garth ,Fiona , Gavin ,Jarrett, grandsons Connor and Luke Murphy

Derm was both a genial gentleman and a mischievous man (in the best possible sense). And at the expense of appearing to be flippant, which certainly I don’t intend to be, I think I can quite comfortably say that even people who didn’t like Derm, liked Derm. He was that kind of guy.

In recent weeks, I described him to Julie as a rogue’s rogue, and I expect that anyone who knew Derm would be quick to agree with that assessment. His smile, his laughter, his good cheer, his optimism, his energy, and his aura will be missed by all. Like many others, I’m saddened that our paths will never cross again and I join his family in mourning his passing. My thoughts are with you all at this time. May Derm rest in peace.

Julie, Mrs. Dobbin, Brad and Gig

So very sorry to hear about Derm’s passing. For years he and Barney were inseparable and with good reason. While they were mischievous they had big hearts and cared for others.

Derm always made me laugh. Always offered good advice and always made our province so magical.

He truly was a fine fellow!

I am very sorry for your loss!

I was very saddened to hear of Derm’s passing. My sincerest condolences to his family. There are many fond memories of Derm from my years working at Hotel Newfoundland. He was always kind to everyone and very friendly. I know he will be missed by many. Sincerely, Bonnie ????????

Isolated in Florida during a pandemic means you get nice weather, but miss the family and their shenanigans. I missed Derm at the functions, or even a drop by visit. Every visit started with “My man….” and ended with “Take care Brother.”

Ethel, Brad, Gig, and Julie, I mourn your loss as selfishly I mourn my own loss.

Godspeed, my man, Godspeed.

Sincere condolences to Ethel and family during this sad time. Remembering Derm as a wonderful man with so much personality and love of life. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.
Charlotte and Tim Purcell

My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time. Derm was a great man.

Ethel, Brad, Greg, and Julie,

My deepest condolences to you and all your family, I know how much you all loved each other and I know you will miss him terrible, I’m heartbroken for you all.


I grew up and knew Derm years ago . He always loved life .I found out later we were related through the Power family . RIP Derm .I know your family will have all those special memories to share forever.
Madonna Murphy

sorry to hear about Derm

Ethel & Family, & Marion, Rita, Margo, Barney and Basil,
My condolences on the loss of Derm. My thoughts are with you at this very difficult time.. God bless.
Olive Power

I was fortunate to have met Derm with the start up of the Fog Devils hockey team and like all who knew him, was taken with his charm, wit and great sense of humour. He always had a smile on his face and was truly a “ Big Guy “ in so many ways and I valued his friendship in the years since . Derm was a one of a kind and will be sadly missed by his family and many friends alike. Our deepest condolences to all..

Such a wonderful man. He spent a lot of time at the Hotel Restaurant over the years and treated us all with the upmost respect,. He was always lots of fun and would carry on as if he was one of the gang.. When my son was young i wanted a Fog Devils shirt for him but couldn’t find one so Derm got me one and refused any money for it. He will be missed by a lot of people. Rest in peace Derm. You were one of a kind. Condolences to all his Family and Friends.

Derm’ s obituary is a true celebration of a person who .lived life to its fullest Those who knew he and Ethel when they lived in Saint John NB during the 1970’s still recount fond memories and hilarious incidents almost 50 years later. He also left some construction edifices and subdivisions that recognize the names of his children..Characters like Derm are not forgotten. Ethel Brad Gigi and Julie the John Barry family send their condolences as well as best wishes.

Ethel and members of the great Dobbin family. I am so saddened to learn of the of the death of this great man. He was larger than life, a St. John’s iconic figure. To me he was always a supportive friend. May God hold Derm in His eternal peace


My sincerest condolences to you and family. He was a character who was loved by many.

Julie and the Dobbin family.
It was very sad to learn of Derm’s health issues. and his passing. He was so full of life and enjoyed life so much. His family was first and for most to him. A ll you had to do was say “how is the family.” His would reply, “great boy.”
I first met Derm when I started high school at St. Bon’s many years ago. He was automatically a friend for life. Our paths took us in different directions but every time we met it was like yesterday. I never remember Derm without that mischievous smile on his face. I’m sure today, he is going over all the crazy things he did at school with the boys from St. Bon’s who have passed on before him.
He will be sadly missed by all who knew him. Be a friend of Derms is having a friend for life.
R.I.P. old friend.